As an opportunity catalyst, Pépite France works with a large number of public and private stakeholders, each acting in a specific way to enhance the entrepreneurial mindset, by supporting the projects and the Student-Entrepreneurs themselves.


Fully committed to the promotion of student entrepreneurship, they take part in implementing our strategy, are involved in major issues, and support all our structuring initiatives.

Banque Populaire

As a long-standing partner of Pépite France, Banque Populaire is committed to the promotion of entrepreneurship and skills development. Highly involved in the academic environment, it contributes to the encouraging of the entrepreneurial mindset among all audiences.

BPI Création

If Bpifrance Création acts hand in hand with each Pépite on the territory, its investment is also impacting the Pépite France network through the many transversal projects that we carry together, in particular the training of accompanying persons.


Driven by its major mission “to accelerate the transition towards a carbon neutral economy”, Engie promotes the emergence of high-impact projects, managed by young women and men operating as entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs. In doing so, energies all converge towards a sustainable future.


Each of our initiatives is linked with one (or several) carefully selected partner(s). Pépite France encourages synergies and collaborations that foster successful partnerships and promote collective intelligence aimed at achieving our missions.

Enactus helps high schoolers, students and professionals  develop their skills to innovate and act in the service of the greatest number. Enactus and Pépite France have created bridges between their activities and tools to improve the journey of entrepreneurs.

The Wild Code School offers intensive training in Tech jobs. Teams of developers are at the service of advanced Student-Entrepreneurs projects, especially in Pépite Starter programmes, to offer them a POC.

JobinLive has been organising the Handitech Trophy since 2017, first national competition rewarding start-ups, students, research laboratories or associations that develop innovative solutions for people with disabilities, to which Pépite France is strongly associated.


In cooperation with Pépite France, the Association of Francophone Universities is pioneering the implementation of student entrepreneurship programs in other countries, in line with the SALEEM project and the DEEL project.

100 000 Entrepreneurs

Every year in March, the association 100 000 entrepreneurs and Pépite France get together during the event “Semaines de sensibilisation des jeunes – Femmes et Entrepreneuriat”, an event aimed at promoting the entrepreneurial mindset and the success of women among young people aged between 13 to 25 years old.

Confédération Nationale des Juniors Entreprises - CNJE

The “Junior Entrepreneurs” operates as educational consulting associations for which the Student-Entrepreneur National Status is considered as a true asset. The CNJE and Pépite France draw on each other’s culture and dynamics, enabling them to carry out projects by leveraging synergies.


Edusign was founded by student-entrepreneurs, laureates of the “Prix Pépite” and provides a reliable and optimized online signature solution, immediately adopted by Pepite. Thanks to the Edusign platform, the signature of learners becomes smooth, fast, digital and tailored to remote sessions.


Expert in impact commitment based on collective intelligence, Makesense works in conjunction with Pépite France on training designed for the Pépite network. We sponsor its French social entrepreneurship competition: the Social Cup.


The Office Franco-Québéquois pour la Jeunesse (OFQJ) supports the Students-Entrepreneurs and provides them with mobility opportunities, training programs and events aimed at promoting networking, sharing of expertise, development of innovative practices and co-creation.

Genius Global is a federation of entrepreneurial student associations, present in more than 20 schools in France, to promote student entrepreneurship, to train in start-up skills and create a dynamic and sustainable community. Genius is also a pillar of CREATIV’ since the 1st edition.

YES is the national federation of the 45 student entrepreneurship associations in France, representing a total of more than 70 schools and universities. Every year, Pépite France supports its flagship event, the Student Innovation Day, and awards a “Pépite” prize to a project leader.

Student association network for 25 years, Animafac has been supporting student association initiatives and promoting commitment, by proposing support courses, resources, and meetings. Animafac supports CREATIV’, the Student Entrepreneurship week led by Pépite France.

Delta festival

The Delta Festival, largest student forum in Europe, takes place every year in early July in Marseille and welcomes nearly 90,000 visitors. This event includes 6 villages, one of which is dedicated to entrepreneurship and hosts Student-Entrepreneurs from the Pépite France network (37 were present in 2022).

Réseau Entreprendre® operates in 10 countries and helps create more than 1,700 new businesses each year. It offers for two to three years the accompaniment of an experienced entrepreneur. He also grants an interest-free honor loan with no personal guarantee.

Institut de l'engagement

The Commitment Institute (Institut de l’Engagement) enhances the journeys of young people invested in volunteering and accompanies them in the realisation of their future project, regardless of their socio-cultural background. Pépite France supports and facilitates this action on several levels.

Apec, a joint association, occupies a unique place in the employment ecosystem: through its fine knowledge of the labour market and its territorial network, It supports its clients as closely as possible to the transformations of the job market framework and activates the essential relationship between companies and skills.

The Union des Couveuses is at the origin of the Contract of Support to the Enterprise Project. 50 incubators, metropolis and DOM. 5500 entrepreneurs in 2022. CAPE offer: market test in real situation (SIRET loan), training in the business of business leader, networking. The incubator provides the administrative, accounting and legal part for the test contractor.

The Sopra Steria-Institut de France Foundation aims to support projects that put digital technologies at the service of people and the environment.
It supports the development of solidarity projects, with a social or environmental dimension, facilitating the daily life of vulnerable audiences, thanks to innovation and social entrepreneurship.

On October 6, 2022, the members of the Cap Créa collective affirmed their common ambitions in a manifesto in favor of a new entrepreneurial course, signed on the occasion of the Bpifrance Inno Génération event. Pépite France is one of 27 actors committed to entrepreneurship.

Live for Good’s mission is to unlock the potential of young people from all walks of life through impact entrepreneurship and accelerate positive innovation at the heart of an engaged community. Pépite France and Live for Good share the desire for a community of entrepreneurs with a positive impact.


Some of these companies come from the Pépite France network and provide our Student-Entrepreneurs community with valuable services that contribute to the success of their projects.

QiiRO is the online enhanced legal support service. QiiRO supports its customers on all their legal issues with an online documentary base, legal experts in all areas of law, legal protection.

Cofondateur is a platform that connects project owners and developers. A promo code is exclusively offered to the Pépite network’s Student-Entrepreneurs to facilitate their CTO recruitment.

Comm’une opportunité is a meeting website between project leaders and municipalities in France. Setting up in the right place is doubling your business value. Comm’une opportunité enables you to meet the right territorial partner for free.

Amazon web services

Amazon Web Services enables start-ups to build scalable, secure and reliable software. AWS provides Student-Entrepreneurs with credits to help them get started on AWS services, training, premium technical support, mentoring, co-marketing opportunities and partner perks.

Koober is a learning solution that gives access to the ideas and concepts of the best books, conferences or documentaries thanks to summarized versions to read or listen to in 20 minutes (on a mobile app and a website).

Contournement offers training thanks to no-code tools for non-technical profiles. Accessible to all, these courses can be done in e-learning, face-to-face or remotely.

Pioneer of crowdfunding in France, KissKissBankBank coaches our Student-Entrepreneurs community through webinars, workshops, and individual appointments. Student-Entrepreneurs crowdfunding campaigns benefit from increased visibility via KKBB and Pépite France.

Olino is a French insurtech offering professional insurance and technology to cover corporate risks. By combining digital with human, it insures professionals with tailored and personalised covers: saving entrepreneurs time and money.

LiveMentor is a training organization dedicated to entrepreneurs and digital skills: business creation, digital marketing, selling and convincing, etc. We have supported more than 26,000 entrepreneurs since 2016 so that they can develop their project and live from it.

Dell offers discounts on Dell hardware, as well as financial support! Coupons and support are reserved for Students-Entrepreneurs of the Pépite network to allow them to start their business with confidence.

Memo Agency is a branding and visual identity agency that accompanies startups in the creation and development of their brand, our Brand Thinking approach guarantees an impactful result consistent with the DNA and vision of the project.