Are you a PhD student or a young PhD interested in innovation and entrepreneurship?

Join the Pépite PhD Community within the Pépite France network, comprising 33 Pépite in the whole country, and obtain the Student-Entrepreneur National Status (SNEE).

What is
Pépite PhD ?

Pépite PhD within the Pépite France network is a true gateway to the French entrepreneurship, innovation, and research ecosystem. It connects with numerous entities such as SATTs, doctoral colleges, public research incubators, and Bpifrance.
Pépite PhD offers various initiatives specifically tailored for PhD students and young PhDs who are wondering about their professional development and a potential entrepreneurial path, such as the national Starthèse program dedicated to raising awareness of entrepreneurship.


Yes, as a young PhD you are considered as a young graduate and are eligible for the Student-Entrepreneur Diploma.

Yes, Pépite France’s support is independent of your project’s nature or idea. It could be an association, cultural or event project, a company, or even a startup. We support every kind of entrepreneurial approach.

Depending on the Pépite you are attached to, you may validate training hours as part of your transversal training. Check with your Pépite or doctoral college for more information.

Yes, Pépite’s expectations are not focused on technological elements that might compromise intellectual property, but rather on the project’s “market” vision.
Pépite can also connect you with intellectual property experts if needed.

The support provided by the Pépite France network and the SATT network are complementary, and a co-support arrangement can be established.

To know

Your status as a PhD student grants you access to the resources of the Pépite France network and its 33 Pépite.

The Student-Entrepreneur National Status (SNEE)

The Student-Entrepreneur Diploma (D2E)