The intensive program: Pépite Starter

Pépite Starter is a five-month early stage accelerator for holders of the Student-Entrepreneur National Status who are starting their entrepreneurial journey.

Pépite Starter is an intensive 5-month training and early stage support program, where Student-Entrepreneurs are 100% focused on their creation project and have access to a dedicated space!

They are pushed to meet experts on different topics, to confront their idea with the market as soon as possible, to prototype and test their product.

These 5 months of support are punctuated by events to create a real community, encourage emulation, mutual aid and conviviality: Bootcamp, teambuilding, “How I met my mentor”, Midterm Review, a National Demo Day, etc.

The Student-Entrepreneurs meet with experts on a regular basis and participate in workshops in order to increase their skills on the subjects essential to their success.

Who can be part of it?

Any person benefiting from the Student-Entrepreneur National Status, available full-time for 5 months, can submit their application, which will be examined by the Pépite team in their region (if the Pépite offers the Pépite Starter program).

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