AQUAPOUSS’ is the benchmark brand for a less restrictive, more fun way of enjoying nature indoors.

Our product is an aquarium-garden where the symbiosis between plants and fish is at the heart of the model. This object is low-tech, modular and turnkey. It is manufactured in France at a partner ESAT in Isère.

The system is based on aquaponics, an age-old cultivation technique that is little-known in France.

This technique is becoming increasingly popular, as it meets a number of sustainable development challenges. In fact, the European Parliament categorizes it as one of the 10 technologies that could change our lives.

Our aquarium-garden adapts perfectly to any type of interior. No need to water the plants. No need to change the water in the aquarium. There’s only one thing to do: marvel and enjoy the benefits of nature’s simple intelligence.

Because we’re convinced that to respect nature, you must first understand it, our product is a unique teaching tool. Adaptable to primary school science curricula, it enables teachers to tackle the concepts of photosynthesis, reproduction, biodiversity, the water cycle… And all without leaving the classroom!