ArcaScience is a decentralised network of scientific databases, able to leverage biomedical data (structured or not) massively in order to enrich them and associate them with an in-depth search engine capable of finding a needle in a haystack : genetic sequences, proteins, biomarkers, molecules for repositioning, what it takes to design tomorrow’s remedies.

Romain and his team have set up a task force which is still working on the treatment of all the Covid and biomedical scientific literature in the broad sense, to open the first SaaS service capable of generating highly accurate biomedical data, from more than 30 million works, clinical trials, genetic sequences, etc.

The beneficiaries are Inserm, INCA, ICAN and Sanofi. There are also future beneficiaries such as Pitié Salpêtrière and APHP.

This iniative has made it possible to collect and process 47 million pieces of data, through a partnership with the European Institute for Innovation and Technology Health, Wilco, Bpifrance, Tech Care Paris&Co, Inserm, INCA, ICAN and INRIA.

This has led to the creation of the first large-scale system capable of progressing very quickly towards the identification of the relevant biomarker for the generation of remedies (ANR call for project to come).