Explique-moi Pythagore

Explique-moi Pythagore is a private tutoring service allowing academic success by simplifying access to education for citizens through a quality service, focused on the student and his educational needs. A service accessible to all and to all scholarships, thus promoting equal opportunities for students to succeed in their studies, for a better social equality.

Lucas and his team’s business was launched in January 2020. When the lockdown was announced, they decided to suspend their activity and to take different measures: no profit for the team of Explique-moi Pythagore, families can suspend their account at any time… The “distance learning” service was first launched in Val-de-Marne, then quickly throughout France.

The Explique-moi Pythagore initiative has enabled more than 2,000 schoolchildren (from preschool, middle school and highschool) to benefit from a regular, almost daily, personalised pedagogical follow-up. The absence of a subscription or commission by the service has made tutoring accessible to all.