Les Enfants du Maquis

Today’s children’s locker room is a scaled-down copy of the adult locker room. This is an aberration, because children don’t have the same needs or motor skills as adults. So Enfants du Maquis proposes to rethink children’s clothing, taking into account not only the differences between adults and children, but also the morphological differences between children, because all children are different!

And a technical innovation with the development of baby pyjamas without mechanical fastenings (no buttons or snaps), registered with the INPI.

A few months ago, I tried to set up a garment-making workshop in Bastia, in order to produce the collection in Corsica, but it didn’t work out due to a lack of experience on my part and a lack of funding. However, I’m certainly not giving up on my idea that one day soon, Enfants du Maquis will be Made in Corsica! In the meantime, all fabric scraps from the production process are turned into accessories in Bastia, to be transformed into scrunchies, barrettes, small bags…