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Piantaggine presents the first fresh pasta stuffed with 3 fruit flours that combine pleasure and health. Which one? Plantain banana, chestnut and apple flour! We offer you a complete, gluten-free dish, rated Nutriscore A, source of fiber and vitamins A, B6 and B9. Our fresh pasta is stuffed with tomato and mozzarella cheese for a […]

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We help collectivities and citizens to build projects together that mean something to them. Orida is a modern and personalised platform where elected representatives, citizens and administration co-construct. It is a modular digital solution that can be adapted to municipalities, departments and regions, but also to schools and companies. Orida supports local authorities, such as […]

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What if a phone case protected more than just your smartphone? Indeed, every year 9 million tonnes of plastic end up in our oceans, which is equivalent to unloading the contents of a rubbish truck in the sea every minute. An estimated 1.5 million marine animals are killed by plastic and, if nothing changes, the […]

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Aligning entrepreneurs and their accountants is complex. For entrepreneurs, collecting all invoices, transmitting them to their accountant and having a clear cash flow monitoring is laborious. For the accountant, invoice entry, reconciliation and reminders are manual. On Luego, it’s simple. The entrepreneur connects his bank accounts and his various portals (SNCF, Deliveroo…). All his transactions […]

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Image de mise en avant Sysark

Sysark designs, manufactures and markets the “Sysark Inside” robots which prepare radioactive drugs under the control of an Artificial Intelligence. Integrated into nuclear medicine departments’ preparation laboratories, these robots, which are innovative and patented, increase: The preparers’ productivity The number of patients treated The protection of nurses and doctors from radioactivity They solve problems related […]

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Image de mise en avant Newcy

Newcy provides a turnkey solution to replace disposable cups with reusable cups. After being used, they are collected and washed by a disability-friendly company and then become available again. Based on the principle of circular economy, Newcy enables you to have a zero-waste policy, improve your environmental impact, while creating local jobs for people with […]

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Mobility is the key to freedom. We know that for some people, traveling by public transport turns out to be an obstacle course. Ezymob develops mobility solutions for people with disabilities to increase public transport and public facilities accessibility. Our innovative solutions help relay passenger information, detect infrastructures (thanks to an artificial intelligence algorithm), locate […]

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Image de mise en avant Edusign

Paper sheets are a waste of time and often cause stress. Edusign automates students’ administrative management by digitising training documents: attendance sheets, questionnaires and the electronic signature of documents. We want to provide a profitable yet environmental-friendly solution. Thereby, we plant trees for every customer we have. Relive his appearance at the 2022 Pépites des […]

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Image de mise en avant Avekapeti

Avekapeti selects talented chefs and helps them create their own business and earn their living thanks to their passion. They are coached by a former starred chef who tastes and approves each recipe. Their good home-cooked dishes are sold on 100% fresh, balanced, varied meals delivered by 100% electric vehicles, in recyclable or 0 […]

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Image de mise en avant Omni

Created in 2018, Omni’s goal is to empower 500,000 people with reduced mobility by 2025. We bring together a community of several hundred users with whom we have created our first product, the GlobeTrotter: a fastening that allows wheelchair users to use electric scooters. Indeed, the existing material is extremely expensive and stigmatizing. Using mainstream […]

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