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Koko Experiences

Koko Expériences co-creates and markets outdoor and cultural activities to discover Mayotte in a spirit of conviviality and respect for the island. Koko is easily accessible to tourists and locals alike, offering a wide range of excursions, workshops, initiations and courses. We guarantee customer satisfaction thanks to the quality and service standards inherent in our […]

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MOGI Guitar

When traveling on vacation/weekends or on a daily basis, guitarists are faced with a dilemma: take the guitar with you and risk damaging it, or leave hands-free and be frustrated at not being able to play? Discover the first guitar you can carry in a compact backpack (cabin luggage) with all your travel gear (clothes, […]

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Tosho is the platform dedicated to consumers and collectors of manga, comics and graphic novels. Within a comprehensive mobile application, you can manage your collection and readings, sell the comics and manga cluttering your shelves, or rent the series you want to discover or rediscover. Tosho is at the heart of the ninth art, paving […]

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Les Enfants du Maquis

Today’s children’s locker room is a scaled-down copy of the adult locker room. This is an aberration, because children don’t have the same needs or motor skills as adults. So Enfants du Maquis proposes to rethink children’s clothing, taking into account not only the differences between adults and children, but also the morphological differences between […]

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La Cité Rêveuse

image de mise en avant La cité rêveuse

In response to the many challenges facing the city (social, environmental and economic), Cité Rêveuse proposes to rethink the way we live together in the city, by designing urban planning projects that integrate better living together through citizen animation and co-construction. Through an in site approach that brings us into contact with local issues, and […]

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Smart Kaps

SmartKaps image de mise en avant

Smart Kaps is a startup specialised in foodtech for consumers of sparkling water and carbonated drinks. Smart Kaps is revolutionising the sparkling water world by creating a new way of consumption that combines pleasure, health and respect for the environment. We are developing small beads that allow you to carbonate your water without using carbonation […]

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In France today, almost half of adults and 17% of children are considered overweight or obese. These figures have made us aware of the urgent need to improve the nutritional quality of the French diet. That’s why we decided to develop Butternot, the first healthy, gourmet alternative to butter and margarine. Its melt-in-the-mouth texture and […]

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BIBO creates the responsible gourmet beverages of tomorrow, using innovative processes and ingredients to offer an alternative choice of infusions based on roots, seeds and grains that are biosourced and roasted in France. These beverages contribute to healthy, sustainable consumption patterns, for all consumers in search of pleasure and authenticity. BIBO’s first recipe, “L’original”, is […]

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Athana has developed a small device capable of instantly and naturally relieving hot flushes by diffusing cold onto the nape of the neck. As the upper back is the body’s most heat-sensitive zone, the application of a small amount of cooling to this area will produce a real cold effect throughout the body, counteracting the […]

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Ovizer Image de mise en avant

Ovizer is a SaaS solution that allows companies to easily integrate and manage 3D/AR content on their website in order to transform their online shopping experience. Your consumers will be able to directly manipulate your products in 360° with a photorealistic rendering. Our 360 viewers are made from 60 to 120 photos and are equipped […]

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