Parco was born out of the “more and more” trend now affecting the mobility market. While the electric bike is an ideal candidate for meeting our many challenges, the trend is for these bikes to incorporate ever more functions, ever more assistance… making them bigger and bigger. Everything comes at a price, firstly in economic terms, and secondly and above all in terms of use, especially since the user becomes dependent on the assistance.

Parco is an alternative that lets you enjoy the benefits of electric power without sacrificing all the advantages of a bicycle. Parco is simple, light and affordable. Its simplicity makes it reliable and repairable. Its lightness makes it easy to ride and carry up and down stairs. And its price is affordable, because this more reasonable alternative should be accessible to as many people as possible.

And with a view to reindustrialization, the Parco frame has been developed so that it can be manufactured right here in France!