The Live Drawing Project

The Live Drawing Project is an artistic collective that exhibits participative video drawing installations projected in big festivals and exhibition places (street art festival, lights festival, art gallery). 

The Live Drawing Project’s team proposed to volunteers with video projectors to launch the participatory drawing installation by video projecting onto an outside wall from their window. We exhibited every Sunday night during the lockdown.

560 participants during the lockdown, a total of 9,700 drawings made, some of which came from Europe, America and Asia (the installation operating on a global scale). Geographical scope: video projections throughout France (30 video projections in 10 cities), about 750 m² of video projection surface in total. The initiative has led to the development of a new form of exhibition: a remote exhibition, which can take place in several places at the same time on a global scale. Since the end of the lockdown, requests are pouring in to exhibit The Live Drawing Project in this format.