The apprenticeship tax

By supporting Pépite France and paying us the apprenticeship tax, you contribute to student entrepreneurship!

Our main actions in 2020

Our main actions in 2020

The purpose of this challenge is to bring together Student-Entrepreneurs (current and former) and companies to enable them to better adapt their offers to the economic reality, to promote partnerships with companies and to create new business opportunities

Pépites des Pépite

Usually dedicated to projects that have grown fast a few years after their support by one of the 33 Pépite, the 2020 Pépites des Pépite Contest was exceptionally dedicated to young entrepreneurs coming from Pépite and who have committed themselves to Covid-19.

Prix Pépite

The 33 Pépite in charge of student and young graduate entrepreneurship launched a call for applications to select the most creative and innovative projects. Among all the winners, each jury identified the champion who will be awarded a prize of 10,000 euros by the Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation.


The objective is to show the different faces of entrepreneurship in the service of young people’s ambitions by showing the many actors, tools and opportunities that are available, in particular through the training and support offers in the institutions and in the Pépite.

Our projects in 2021