Pépites des Pépite 2024 Laureates

The Pépites des Pépite competition showcases each year the shining reflections of entrepreneurship through five extraordinary stories of innovation and inspiration from the Pépite France network. In 2024, this vibrant celebration of the entrepreneurial spirit will once again highlight the vitality and uniqueness of young companies founded by former Student-Entrepreneurs.

The Essence of the Competition

At the heart of this initiative lies an essential mission: to show that the entrepreneurial journey of Student-Entrepreneurs does not end with the Pépite program but flourishes over time. Each participant, a former Student-Entrepreneur, embodies the vitality and uniqueness of their ever-evolving business story. Among the many stories worth telling, we have selected five for this edition.

A Key Criterion: The Impact of Projects

Since 2022, the competition explicitly emphasizes a crucial criterion: the impact of the projects. Beyond key development figures, the focus is on initiatives that truly transform society, whether through societal, environmental, or cultural progress. This approach highlights the importance of projects that bring about positive and lasting changes.

The Selection of the Laureates

This annual event, open to former members of the Pépite France network, offers an exceptional platform to showcase the transformative capabilities of young entrepreneurs. A discerning jury selected the laureates from a shortlist chosen by our Alumni based on 167 projects sourced by the Pépite teams. The five selected laureates embody excellence and innovation across various fields.

The five laureates of Pépites des Pépite 2024 perfectly illustrate innovation and societal transformation through their remarkable projects. Discover these inspiring entrepreneurs and their groundbreaking initiatives:

  • Lucile Derly – President & Co-Founder of Arterya: Arterya develops Blood’Up, a revolutionary medical device. This technology enables instant detection of arteries and provides precise indications of their trajectory, thus facilitating punctures for healthcare professionals. This project promises to significantly improve medical procedures and reduce risks for patients.
  • Thaddée Caron – CEO & Co-Founder of Athana: Athana offers a portable cryotherapy solution to instantly and naturally relieve hot flashes. The Athana device cools instantly at the push of a button and is applied to sensitive areas of the body, eliminating the hot flash in less than 10 seconds. This innovation provides significant comfort to individuals suffering from hot flashes, thereby improving their quality of life.
  • Romain Dhenin – General Manager & CMO of Bioteos: Bioteos uses microalgae to purify the air and combat pollution. Their innovative technology, successfully tested in the Lille metro, effectively and energy-efficiently purifies indoor air. Bioteos’s patented system stands out for its ability to treat indoor air, offering a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution to improve air quality in urban spaces.
  • Manon Pagnucco – CEO of PimpUp: PimpUp is committed to saving one million tons of food from waste by offering “anti-waste” food baskets. By prioritizing short supply chains, PimpUp valorizes unsold goods from producers to subscribed customers. This initiative allows for tasty and responsible consumption while supporting French producers. PimpUp transforms food waste into a valuable resource for engaged consumers.
  • Sylvain Deplace – CPTO of TOLV: TOLV, an industrial startup from the Grenoble metropolitan area, markets decarbonization solutions for professional vehicle fleets. Since 2018, TOLV has developed an industrial retrofit technology that allows light commercial vehicles to be converted to 100% electric. This conversion saves 60% of greenhouse gas emissions and offers a vehicle that is half the cost of a new electric model. TOLV contributes to the transition towards sustainable and economical mobility.

By highlighting these exceptional journeys, Pépites des Pépite 2024 demonstrates the profound and positive impact that young entrepreneurs can have on our society. These laureates embody innovation, sustainability, and social responsibility, inspiring future generations to follow in their footsteps.