Pépites des Pépite 2023 Prize:

Beink is an intuitive interface that works for the sharing of knowledge and the elaboration of tomorrow’s knowledge thanks to drawing as a common language.

Beink allows you to draw freehand or to import pre-made images, to choose your graphic style and to instantly transform a draft into a scientific diagram, thanks to its AI Beink Dream.

Pépite 2021 Prize:

Freehand drafting is the quickest and most natural way to think or communicate.

But transforming this drawing into a professional visual is laborious, whether in Power Point or Photoshop. Scientists in particular need to communicate complex concepts in a very short space of time. Without credible, appropriate communication, we can’t publish or get funded, so we can’t do science.

With Beink Dream, get your scientific visual instantly, thanks to an ingenious alliance of art, science and AI.